Our Team

Vincent Priolo

Mr. Priolo has extensive trading experience in a wide variety of Emerging Markets fixed income securities. Having worked at Citibank, Deutsche Bank, ING and lastly Dresdner Kleinwort, Mr. Priolo has extensive experience as a market maker and proprietary trader. He has twice served on the Board of Directors of EMTA at both ING and Dresdner Kleinwort. EMTA is the principal trade group for the Emerging Markets trading investment community and is dedicated to promoting the orderly development of fair, efficient and transparent trading markets for the Emerging Market Instruments. Mr. Priolo founded GCP in 2005.

Kirk Sauer
Managing Director/Principal

Mr. Sauer has significant experience within CEEMA assets in his over 12 years in emerging markets working in both London and New York. Having spent 2001 through 2008 in London, Kirk has cemented his relationships with the largest and most active counterparties in his space. Mr. Sauer’s “client first” philosophy has enabled him to emerge as one of the preeminent professionals within his product. His unique focus on Russian, Ukrainian, Kazak and Turkish corporate and sovereign debt allows him to deliver unparalleled liquidity to his clients. His regional based product knowledge also includes Euro-denominated Latin debt as well as European high yield. Mr. Sauer relocated in March 2008 to join the GCP team in NJ.

Howard Felderman
Managing Director

Mr. Felderman joined the GCP team in July 2007 after nearly 14 years at JP Morgan and its predecessor firms. With his entire career based in Emerging Markets, he brings a vast wealth of market knowledge to the GCP desk. Starting in the operations group at Chemical Bank in 1994, Howard brings the unique experience of having seen the market from all angles. He managed a settlements group and a middle office group, all of which better prepared him for his role as an EM market maker. He spent the last 8 years of his time at JPM in that capacity, with the last few focused on developing and building up a focus on the Central American and Caribbean sectors, an area in which the firm previously had no presence. We were very pleased when Mr. Felderman decided to join our team to capitalize on the relationships 15 years in the business had afforded him.